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Ukraine Tours 2014 – Kiev and Odessa

Overview – Ukraine Tours 2014 – Kiev and Odessa

Mykhaylivsky Cathedral, Kiev - Ukraine Tours

Mykhaylivsky Cathedral, Kiev.

Prices and Dates  Dates live for 2014 tours!

Join one of our Ukraine Tours  – visiting Kiev and Odessa!

This 7 night, English language guaranteed departure Ukraine tours from just EUR 700 per person, features visits to the magnificient and ancient city of Kiev (Kyiv), the former capital of Kievan Rus, and to the majestic port city of Odessa on the Black Sea! This is a land only tour designed for travellers from all over the world to meet up in Kiev and enjoy this wonderful country,
Choose either 3 or 4 star hotels according to your own budget.
This tour arrives in Kiev and ends in Odessa, with travel from Kiev to Odessa by first class overnight train journey!    If you plan to return to Kiev for your departure flights, we will be pleased to offer onward travel at the end of your tour.

  • 3 nights Kiev
  • Overnight 1st class rail
  • 3 nights Odessa

Ukraine Tours – Your Tour Itinerary in Kiev and Odessa

Day 1 (Friday):

On arrival in Kiev, you will be met and transferred (first service on our Ukraine tours) to your hotel for your 3 night stay.
Evening at leisure.

Day 2:

After buffet breakfast in your hotel, at 09.45 hrs meet your local guide and fellow passengers at reception for a Half Day city tour of Kiev: this tour will allow you to see the main tourist sites of our beautiful city. You will be able to see and visit (optionally) St. Sophia cathedral, St. Michael cathedral, Golden Gates, Andriivskyi Uzviz with a souvenir market and St. Andrew church, Maidan Nezalezhnosti with “Globe” Trade & Entertainment Centre and Museum of Orange Revolution, the main street of Kyiv – Khreschatyk, Grushevskogo street, where Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) and Cabinet of Ministers are situated, as well to see Mariinskyi Palace and “House with Chimera” opposite the President’s Palace.


St. Sophia's Cathedral

St. Sophia’s Cathedral

Optional excursion to St Sophia Cathedral: During this excursion you will visit the main places of sightseeing in Kiev and spend more time for observation of the great Sophia Cathedral. The St. Sophia Cathedral dated in 1017, being the main Church of Kyiv Rus, played the role of spiritual, political and cultural center. It was here that the ceremony of anointing and crowning the prince was performed; here, he mounted the Grand Throne of Kyiv to receive foreign ambassadors and to conclude trade agreements or peace treaties. The first mention of the library collected by Yaroslav the Wise (the first in Old Rus so far as we know) is also associated with the St. Sophia Monastery. Devoted to God’s Wisdom, it was aimed to introduce the Christianity.

Optional lunch in a local restaurant. Time at leisure.

Overnight in your hotel.

Day 3:

Buffet breakfast in your hotel,

09.45 meet your local guide in the hotel lobby for a  Half Day tour to Kiev Pechery Lavra Monastery with visit to museum of Micro miniatures and Far-off catacombs. A highlight of our ukraine tours, the Lavra is much more than just an ancient monastery. For many centuries it was a truly spiritual centre of Ukraine. The Cave Monastery was built almost 8 centuries ago by the monks Antoniy and Feodosiy.    Spread across wooded slopes above the Dnipro, it is a unique array of gold-domed churches, underground labyrinths lined with mummified monks and elegant monastic buildings turned museums.  Currently, the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra also serves as the residence of Metropolitan Volodymyr (Viktor Sabodan), the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and is open to visitors.Afternoon at leisure; overnight in your hotel;

Day 4:

Buffet breakfast in your hotel.

Today is a day at leisure with 12.00 midday check out from your hotel.

At 21.15 hrs your guide will meet you at the hotel and transfer you to the Kiev Central Station for the overnight train to Odessa.
Your train is number 105 departing at 22:05 hrs.


View of Odessa Port

View of Odessa Port

Day 5:

Your overnight train arrives in Odessa at 06.55 hrs.   On arrival you will be met and transferred to

your hotel in Odessa for 3 nights.

After breakfast at the hotel, your guide will meet you at 09.45 hrs to begin yourHalf Day city tour of Odessa.

The city of Odessa, used as both port and fort, was controlled from 1526 to 1789 by the Ottoman Turks. During its expansionist campaign in the 18th century, Russia took this coastal region and constructed a new port at Odessa, rebuilding the town and naming it after the ancient Greek colony Odesos, thought to have been nearby.

The city centre was designed to a classical plan with wide tree-lined streets, stretching south from Prymorsky boulevard. Its beauty lies in the early 19th century buildings, the shady promenade, the park tumbling towards the sea and the dramatic sweep of the Potemkin Steps. The 193 steps, built between 1837 and 1841, descend from a statue of the Duc de Richelieu in a Roman Toga. At the eastern end, a statue of Pushkin and a British Tiger Gun, captured in 1854 during the Crimean campaign, stand before the pink-and-white colonnaded Odessa City Hall. At the western end of the boulevard is the Palace of Vorontsov – the residence of a former governor of the city – built in 1826 in a classical style with surprising Arabic detailing on the interior. Another highlight of the city is the beautiful Opera and Ballet Theatre, designed in the 1880s by Viennese architects Felner and Gelmer in the Habsburg Baroque of the day, with a number of Italian Renaissance features. Odessa is a highlight of our Ukraine tours.


Potemkin Steps in Odessa

Potemkin Steps in Odessa

Optional museum visits : Odessa has an excellent collection of museums. After optional lunch at local restaurant you may visit Archeology museum. Established in 1875, it was the first museum of its kind in the former Russian Empire. The highlight is the Gold Room, which has jewellry and coins from early Black Sea civilizations, including the 1st Slavic coins of St. Volodymyr (10th century AD). Russian and Ukrainian art are well covered in the Art Museum. Its maze of over 15 rooms on 2 floors has treasures, which run from 15th century icons onwards and includes works by Levitsky, Ayvazovsky and Repin.

The Archeology Museum

Established in 1875 – it was the first museum of its kind in the former Russian Empire. There are more than 160 000 exhibits. They are the basis of one of the largest collection of information sources about ancient history of Northern Black Sea region. The museum possesses rich collection of archaeological relics of primitive and classical culture, relics of ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, besides there is a large and valuable collection of coins and medals. The best antique sculptures are exhibited in the vestibule of the building, specially built for the museum in 1883. The exhibits, represented in the first and second halls, belonged to early civilisation. The highlight is the Gold Room, which has jewelry and coins from early Black Sea civilizations, including the 1st Slavic coins of St. Volodymyr (10th century AD).

The Fine Arts Museum

Fine examples of Russian and Ukrainian art are well covered in the Art Museum. Its maze of over 15 rooms on 2 floors has treasures from 15th century Russian icons and classical works, onwards to the works by the contemporary Odessa artists, developing both the realistic and avant-garde trends. The exposition represents paintings by I. Aivazovasky, O. Sarasov, I. Kramskoi, I. Repin, M. Vrubel.

The Museum of Literature

The museum was established in 1977 in the Palace of Count Gagarins. The palace, built to the design of the architect L.Otton, in the late 19th centrury, was later donated to the Odessa Literature and Theatrical Association. The collection of the Museum amounts to some 40,000 exhibits. It represents the works by Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Jewish and Bulgarian writers.

Afternoon and evening at leisure.

Overnight in Odessa


Day 6:

Buffet breakfast at the hotel

09.45 meet in the lobby of the hotel for a Half Day excursion to Odessa Catacombs.

During this excursion you will visit the main places of interest in Odessa and will have time to visit the Odessa Catacombs – a fascinating excursion and one of the highlights of our Ukraine tours. These are situated in the village of Nerubaiskoye and were created nearly 200 years ago during the mining of building materials used to build the city. Currently it is a labyrinth of 2,500 kilometers with hundreds of entrances, exits, caves and tunnels. During World War II, in 1941, when German and Romanian armies occupied Odessa, the Soviet Military headquarters ordered the organization of the partisan resistance. The Odessa catacombs were chosen as the ‘camp’ for the unit of partisans.  There were sufficient provisions and weapons to supply the unit for a stay underground for up to six months. The partisan unit was fighting the Nazi and Romanian armies during the whole period of occupation.

Optional lunch in a local restaurant. Time at leisure.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 7:

Buffet breakfast at the hotel

Day at leisure

At 17.30 hrs, your guide will meet you for an evening performance at the Odessa Opera House.  The Opera and Ballet Theatre  was designed by Viennese architects Felner and Gelmer in the 1880s in the Habsburg Baroque style, with a number of Italian Renaissance features.

Odessa Opera House

Odessa Opera House


–       If your hotel choice is the Mozart Hotel, you can enjoy the very short walk to the Opera House which is nearby.
Transportation will be provided for Guests at the CHERNOYE MORE PRIVOZ hotel.
–       In July, when the Opera House is closed, we include a performance at the Odessa Philharmonic Society.
–       Timing of performances subject to reconfirmation during your visit
–       The details of the performance can be provided no earlier than one month before travel

Overnight at the hotel

Day 8:

Breakfast in your hotel and check-out.
Today we include a transfer to the airport or rail station for your onward flight or train at the end of our Ukraine tours.

Please ask us if you would like to extend your stay or book onward services, or book on our sister site: www.select-a-room.com/hotels/ukraine !


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