African Train Tours

Take a journey of a lifetime on one of our Luxury Private African Train Tours. A new and exciting way to enjoy the thrill of an African Safari, the majesty of Victoria Falls, the giant dunes of the Namib and the amazing views of Southern Africa, all by luxury Private Charter train.  The all en-suite ‘African Explorer’ offers three different routes and three different experiences in Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa – just choose the tour to suit.  The luxury ‘African Explorer’ offers panoramic views from the lounge and bar cars, plus an outside viewing platform, so you can’t miss any of wonderful natural sights and memorable views along the route.   Talks by our experts truly bring our already lively tours to life! With some overnights stops at lodges and game drives included in the price, there will be plenty to talk about during the leisurely dinners on board your luxury train.

Our African Train Tours takes you through inspiring and constantly varied landscapes. See animals in the wild, have a wine tasting experience, visit the 11th century ruined city of Great Zimbabwe and take a boat ride on the Zambeze river, these are just a few of the highlights.  With the ‘African Explorer’ usually covering longer stretches of the route at night while you sleep peacefully in your private compartment, there is more time for memorable excursions during the day. The ‘African Explorer’ offers all en-suite compartments in two categories; Elephant Class and Leopard Class.  There is no formal dress code on your private train and smart evening dress is not required. Enjoy a casual and relaxed atmosphere with your fellow travellers. For your comfort and safety a doctor is on board throughout the journey.

Discover the incomparable diversity of sights in South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe by rail on the African Explorer.

African Rail Journeys by Luxury Private Chartered Train

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