With our own offices in Moscow, for our Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian journeys, we are perfectly placed to provide you with the best possible support for the journey of a lifetime. We offer traditional journeys between Moscow and Vladivostok, entirely in Russia and the longest rail journey in the world. We also offer Trans Mongolian tours between Moscow and Beijing, crossing Russia, Mongolia and China with stopovers in Ulanbataar, Irkutsk and Yekaterinburg, depending on the journey.  Our tours are tailored for every budget – ranging from scheduled services to deluxe private charter trains of Imperial class.

We offer a range of escorted and un-escorted guaranteed departure Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian Rail Journeys between Russia, Mongolia and China. Arrange your own flights and we do the rest!  It’s easy to add pre- and post- tour extensions to St Petersburg or other cities of Russia or China.

Join like-minded, English-speaking travellers from all over the world. Choose Eastbound or Westbound to suit your own plans. Contact our experts for specialist advice on all issues including visas for Russia, Mongolia and China

Our range of Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian tours provide great options for the budget-conscious to the deluxe traveller. Check out Select-a Tour journeys using scheduled trains (basic and simple, un-escorted) or the Tsar’s Gold Private Train, a private charter, making stops along the route, fully escorted and with a range of accommodation options, or take the ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ aboard the Golden Eagle Luxury Private Train.

Tours from 13 to 16 days with prices from only €1845 per person.

2017 is the ideal time to travel through Ekaterinburg, a city that played a part in the Russian Revolution, 100 years ago!

Welcome to our range of great rail journeys on these famous iconic routes – the longest rail journeys in the world!

Trans-Siberian Rail Journeys by Scheduled Train

Trans-Mongolian Express by Scheduled Train

Trans-Mongolian & Trans-Siberian by Private Train - Golden Eagle, Tsar's Gold & Imperial Russia Train